We are looking for writers that can generate unique content for the business. 
Available Position: Content Writer

A Content Writer who is passionate about writing and understands the important role that great copy plays in user experience. Would it thrill you to no end knowing that a piece of copy you have crafted brought in thousands of dollars in a single hour? That is the beauty of a communications expert like you. On the Internet where content is king, you will be tasked with the important mission of keeping people hooked on every word that you write. You will utilize attention grabbing headlines and create irresistible offers. It’s time to put that perfect English you have to good use and become the next J.K. Rowling! 


 • A bachelor’s degree with 1-2 years of writing experience (marketing and copywriting experience preferred).
 • Well read, impeccable spelling and grammar, research skills, thorough knowledge of standard writing practices, strong writing editing and proofreading skills, strong understanding of content work flow.
 • Work full time in our office in Petaling Jaya.

The Ideal Content Writer:

 • Smart, creative and engaging.
 • Someone who is passionate in learning, ability to turn complex information into easy to understand copy.
 • Able to create compelling content for clients, repurpose and optimize existing content and work effectively with team members.
 • Ability to meet aggressive deadlines while delivering quality content.

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